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To get a loan, we do not have to leave the house. We can also take her completely online. At present, non-bank companies are leading in online loans. Together with them, we can borrow money quickly and conveniently and use it for any purpose. Many of them even boast that the funds can be at the customer’s facility even in a quarter of an hour. In reality, however, verification of the loan application usually takes longer.

Quick payday loans and installment loans available via the Internet are an excellent option for anyone needing an injection of money in various life situations. We do not have to go to a lender’s office to receive the money, because we can also choose online loans that are currently offered by a number of different loan companies.

The scheme for applying for a loan over the internet is similar in most companies. In the beginning, we select the desired loan amount along with the repayment period, and then we fill in the loan application, in which we enter our personal data, address, we write a statement about the amount of income and expenses. Then we go through the identity verification procedure, which usually involves transferring to the lender’s account a symbolic amount of 1 PLN or 1 PLN. This is to prevent fraudsters from swindling loans. Verification can also take place by phone. Then there is nothing else to do but wait for the decision.

A quick loan exists – only on certain conditions

A quick loan exists - only on certain conditions

Today, the process of data verification and the processing of loan applications is largely automated. loan companies use special software and databases that help in preparing a quick loan decision. Therefore, the verification can take up to several minutes!

However, there are situations when this time is extended. Below we present the main ones. Parts can be avoided, and thus speed up the time of obtaining a loan. Others are independent of us.

Reasons for a long wait for a loan:

Reasons for a long wait for a loan:

• an account in a bank other than the one belonging to the lender – it is important both in the case of verification by transfer and receipt of a loan to the account, intra-bank transfers are usually booked immediately, while the interbank ones in 1-2 days without weekends

• submitting the application outside the business hours of the loan company – the companies stipulate that they will only process applications during their working hours

• errors in the application – if any errors appear in the loan application, even typos, then the time of examining the application may be extended and may end with its rejection.

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