What is a loan?

Loan A loan is a financial transaction in which one party (the lender) agrees to give another party (borrower) a certain amount of money with the expectation of partial repayment. The terms of a loan are often specified in the form of a debtor or other contract. The lender may ask for interest payments in

Never take a loan for parties! See why!

  For many, the cost of a marriage is unreal, easily surpassing the thousands of reais. If you doubt it, try researching how much it costs to rent a wedding gown. In the face of despair and, almost always, pressure from family and friends, many couples feel obliged to marry. Some of these couples resort

What are short-term loans?

We borrow money for large expenses, for example for the purchase or construction of real estate, as well as for smaller ones, everyday. In the first case, we are talking about long-term loans, but in the second case we are talking about short-term loans, which due to small amounts are to pay off in a